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Welcome to Territory Day Fireworks

Our store is closed until June, with pre-orders available from the start of June. Orders are available to pickup on the 1st July from our store in Darwin NT only.

Unfortunately, we cannot sell interstate, ship fireworks or do pickups from other locations.

Welcome to Territory Day 2017!

We are in the process of ordering and testing new and improved products for the 2017 fireworks range and will be updating the website at the end of May with pre-orders opening early June.

Pre-orders pickups and store opening hours are between 9am and 9pm. Please see our Facebook page for updates and offers. We have added all of our recommended stock to the website. All of the Fusion, Dominator and Dynamite items are listed, plus the better items from ACME. 


Darwins best fireworks at our TDF Store in Winnellie NT - 482 Stuart Highway (the same shop as last year)

Welcome to TDF - Home of the best Territory Day Fireworks available!

TDF have the best range of fireworks in the NT. Guaranteed.

To give you the best fireworks on the market, we are stocking:

Fusion Fireworks

Buy Fusion Fireworks Darwin NT

ACME Fireworks

Buy ACME Fireworks Darwin NT

Dynamite Fireworks

Buy Dynamite Fireworks Darwin NT

Dominator Fireworks

Buy Dominator Fireworks Darwin NT

TDF is Darwins favourite fireworks store. Known and trusted for 10 years as the shop with the Best range, Best prices, and Knowledgable awesome staff.

See you on Territory Day!

Buy Fireworks-Darwin N.T. at TDF Fireworks Store


  • Fusion Fireworks
  • ACME Fireworks
  • Dominator / Dynamite
  • Em's 4 Kids Earmuffs